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Contact Information

Dale can be reached by cell at 319-270-6346 or email at:


We're located at the Ever-Green facility at 2762 North Center Point Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Essentially Green-Link is the nursery stock sales division of Ever-Green Landscape Construction Supply Inc.

Spring 2023 availability and pricing:

There is a shortage of evergreen plant material throughout the industry. For spring 2023 most of our spruce and pine have been pre-sold. There will be some limited availability. Please call for quotes. 

Concerning Shade and Ornamental trees:

Green-Link does NOT maintain a comprehensive, fully stocked yard of trees. Tree orders can be placed at any time of the year for pick-up or planting the next appropriate time for harvest of your chosen trees. Green-Link specializes in providing fresh dug, field grown, heavy balled and burlapped trees and evergreens. This ensures top quality at the lowest possible price. 

2023 Container Shrubs:

Green-Link will maintain a block of fresh, top quality container shrubs throughout the season. What we will stock is proven selections that show up regularly on jobs we are involved in. 

The Green-Link business model takes the "team" approach. Plants are provided, sold, and invoiced through Green-Link. Planting and other landscaping services are provided and invoiced directly through an appropriate associate company. 
Green-Link works with a number of good installation companies. 

Does Green-Link offer design services? 

Here again, Green-Link takes the "team" approach. Dale has over 40 years of experience in the nursery and landscape industry. He often offers an initial free consultation if it appears through discussion that it will lead to plant sales. Dale does not draw plans but can provide you a quote on plant material at any time. If you need a design or site plan, we can direct you to one of our associates that provide that service for a fee. 

What's the business model?

Does Green-Link offer planting services? 

In Closing: 

The Green-Link "team" is a very good team to work with. We hope to hear from you whenever you have a need for top quality nursery stock.




Dale Peterson, pres 
Green-Link & Associates, Inc 

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