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Working with Green-Link


This is a photo of a Swamp White Oak from one of my growers nurseries

First if you'd like to meet at your site for a consultation send me an email or call to set something up. Once your questions have been answered and our meeting is complete my process is as follows:


1. Determine what trees on my list you are interested in and how many of each you want. Check in with me by email or phone to be sure that we are not sold out of your chosen selections.


2. Then once it is determined that your selections are available, you can email or call in your order and I'll write it up on an order form or you can download the order form, fill it out, and send it via email.

3. I will then confirm your receipt of your order by email or phone.

4. After the spring dig is complete and the trees are ready for sale you and I can make arrangements to meet at the Green-Link tree sales yard (located at the Ever-Green facility on N. Center Point Rd.) to pick out your trees. They can be picked up that day or tagged for later pick up and planting by a qualified landscape contractor that you have chosen. If you want me to recommend a good tree planting contractor, I have several for you to choose from. 

Working with Me at Green-Link for Trees

“Let my forty plus years of experience be your guide to better landscaping”


Foundation landscaping, either new construction or renovation projects are mostly what you may want to work with me on. I will stock a selection of the plants I most often use in my landscapes. I offer these at wholesale, no warranty prices. This is container grown stock from growers that I’ve used for years. If your project sounds right for me I will offer you an initial on site consultation. If not, I will refer you to others. During the initial consultation, I will share my ideas for your property with you. If you like my ideas and it seems that we would work well together, then we can move forward.

What I have to offer is layout of the landscape beds using paint on the ground (no sketches or drawings). Once the landscape beds have been prepared and edged by others, then I am ready to bring over and set plants per my recommendations and our discussions. After the plants are set to your satisfaction, your chosen installation contractor can then install the plants and finish the job.

How established or referral customers can work with Green-Link on other Landscape projects

If during the initial contact, I offer you a consultation to look over your project, there is no charge for my first visit. During the first visit I will assess the scope of your project and will quote you a price estimate for my further consultation, layout of beds and plants, as well as for the estimated quantity and cost of plants I envision using on your project. I will also make recommendations to you for installation contractors that I work with regularly, that I feel would be most suited for your specific project.


When your project is complete, I will invoice you for my services and plants through Green-Link. Net is Due upon receipt and past due in 30 days. Your chosen installation contractor will bill you separately for the remainder of the job.

Thank you for your consideration of the information found on this website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Dale Peterson, President

Green-Link & Associates Inc.

"Your best connection to quality plants and landscaping"

What does it cost to work with Dale at Green-Link
on a Landscape Project?

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